Monday, June 8, 2009

Reading the Movies

The Dancing Cinema film blog has asked film bloggers to list the film books that have enriched their passion. This is my list after excluding my latest disappointing purchase - "Have You Seen...?" by David Thomson, which I review here.

Landmark Films
William Wolf
A selection of films that Wolf saw as representing their time: from Griffith's Birth of a Nation (1915) to Wertmuller's Seven Beauties (1975)

Film Noir
Andrew Spicer
Essential introduction to film noir

Film As Film: Understanding and Judging Movies
V. F. Perkins
A critique of film theory and criticism

A Panorama of American Film Noir, 1941-1953
Raymond Borde and Étienne Chaumeton
THE seminal survey of film noir

More Than Night: Film Noir In its Contexts
James Naremore
A deeply insightful review of the the meaning of noir

American Movie Critics
ed. by Phillip Lopate
A compendium of American film criticism from the silent era to the present

The Art of the Film
Ernest Lindgren
How movies are made and the aesthetics of film-making

The Contemporary Cinema: 1945-1963
Penelopw Houston
A survey of post-war cinema

The Story of Film
Mark Cousins
A complete reference endorsed by Bernardo Bertolucci

The Philosophy of Film Noir
ed. by Mark T. Conrad
Anthology of the philosophy of noir from Plato and Nietzsche to Sartre

The Film Handbook (1989)
Geoff Andrew
A reference of major world directors with an introduction by Martin Scorsese

1001 Movies (2005)
ed. by Steven Jay Schneider
Film reviews of top 1001 films by selected major international critics