Monday, March 30, 2009

Reflections on Ozu's Tokyo Story

For Fumiko, Noriko, and Kyoko

A loving daughter's gaze

Another day lost in time
forever gone and ever-present
The departing train leaves a dissolving black cloud

Both gone
The mother and the sister she never had

On forged rails of steel that offer no return
the other daughter gifted by fate
holds the mother's watch
In anguished reminiscence the time-piece ticks away in eternity
as she smiles the smile of loss and regret

Why did she leave us?

Three women in boundless love blossomed
in cruel obscurity and exquisite meaninglessness
The mother is gone forever
and the daughters lost to each other in Time's imperative

The towers of industry billow their smoke
to the boundless indifferent sky
while the agony and the ecstasy of aloneness and sweet regret
fade into the abyss of the past

The ships ply the harbour their engines rhythmically echoing
the aching heartbeat of a lonely old man