Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Secret in Their Eyes (El secreto de sus ojos 2009)

While there are flaws in the plausibility of the final resolution of the murder investigation, the film has a deep humanity and an existential sadness at its core that is quite profound. A powerful exploration of memory, the consequences of clinging to the past, the nature of justice and retribution, and the courage required to pursue love and true passion. What is the right course in the face of the state failing in the obligation to enforce justice?

The emotional embrace of the film in its totality leaves you overwhelmed.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Blind Side (2009): Beyond Political Correctness

Flaws aside, an honest and inspirational movie.  Saccharine and sentimental yes, but decent and honest.  The focus is on a relationship between two people, and it is true.  What is wrong with portraying a family life we aspire to? Must we contrive a story to fit an ideological imperative?  Is not the story as much about a woman doing something truly extraordinary as about a homeless black boy given a chance. That countless others do not get this chance is not  ignored, the film’s coda deals with this and reasonably. Bullock and the black kid are great. Don’t we know such women in our own lives – our own mothers and wives?

Sometimes cinema is not about artistry, but a celebration of what can be - of decencies that we can all admire and aspire to.