Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Mad Men - Season 5 (2012)

As a Mad Men die-hard from its inception, I must admit I am tired of its glacial pace and shallow denizens, but having invested in the first four seasons, I am committed to seeing out Season 5, after the 2-year hiatus.

The opening double-episode of the new series was same old same old.  Shallow, vain WASPS who have learnt nothing over 6 years. Don has hit 40 and is as clueless as he was when he stole a dead man's identity.  There was some unusual humor, but I wouldn't describe it as hilarious.  The same old clichés. Hick clients who all look and sound the same, and over-sexed middle-aged white men screwing younger women - anyone for a ruck – wink wink?   Why have a token black and a token gay? Save money and have a gay black guy at a boring party with some mildly arousing sleaze.  Heck, who doesn't like a surprise party? As to the treatment of race, it has an icky Seinfeld-feel.  Almost as loathsome as Larry David's foul-mouthed hanger-on in Curb. But the period detail remains awesome.  Some decent characters are needed fast. 

My best TV show of the current crop has to be Homeland - intelligent and gripping television, where things actually happen and deep questions are posed.