Saturday, February 21, 2009


A hotel room
I write dreams

A train to nowhere
The rambling commuter tracks
An empty highway of voluptuous dreams

Exotic visions
An elusive stringed symphonia of a future present already gone
Four women, three sirens

The hotel neon illumines our sordid fantasies
We embrace then kiss
Sweet poison

Red lampshade, red lips
Red rooms, red curtains
Red shadows

Unfaithful erotic pose
Defiant gaze
The aching solitude of knowing
In your arms I am no longer there
A chimera of future timelessness

Platform shoes
Heels that glow
Strut and trample the hallowed tar from my shattered soul

Wanton abandon a mirror for Innocence lost
My words shattered
Shards of fallen glass
In pools of liquid gaze

Your naked thighs thrust in ecstasy
A trap of lost hope and stolen bliss